Product Overview

Asset Management System (AMS)

STEM’s Asset Management (AMS) enterprise solution is for companies who need to manage assets such as overall lease and well production, pumpjacks, tank batteries, manufactured items, and other oil field related equipment or locations.

The Asset Management suite was built to allow you to efficiently track field assets and needed maintenance through inspections or standard tasks and work orders. With our multi-yard capabilities, you can transfer and install assets from different locations and monitor movement and work order history.

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Service Operations System (SOS)

Service Operations System (SOS) is an enterprise field service management solution developed to bridge the gap between the workers in the field and the workers in the accounting office. SOS enables you to keep track of all of your ticket information (parts, labor, equipment, schedule, etc) so that it may be billed correctly. 

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Pipe and Materials Management (PMMS)

Our Pipe & Materials Management System (PMMS) solution has grown to accommodate various industries that can benefit from a turnkey asset tracking software package. PMMS enables customers to better track the handling, storage and inspection of materials as well as other inventory and logistical heavy assets such as pipe and steel.

Designed and developed by experienced industry leaders, the Pipe & Materials Management System has helped customers grow exponentially in their respective markets.

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