STEM’s multiple pre-configured packages include solutions for those in the Casing & Laydown business.  From keeping track of all your jobs and building paystubs on the fly based on tickets completed SOS will keep track of pipe run, pipe pulled, additional equipment, time on location vs travel, and additional pay for each position (Driver, Clamp, Ride, Bonus) and other pertinent information.  Through utilizing our proven electronic ticket system you can get company representative signatures and approvals on your tickets from the field to have tickets invoiced in hours rather than weeks.  

Not only will it lower losses due to failure to turn in tickets but will also speed up and time for Accounts Receivable but also Payroll as well.  

Whether employees are technology savvy or never touched a computer, our SOS software relies on simple touch friendly devices for input such as tablets and other technologies yet also allows for complex work flow scenarios for your ever changing business needs.  SOS is a modular system so we can provide the right solution for you.

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